Queensland Synod Bylaws

Synod Interfaith Relationships Committee


The Synod shall establish a Synod Inter-Faith Relationships Committee (SIRC).


The responsibilities of the Committee shall be

(a) to encourage throughout the Synod an understanding of other religious faiths;

(b) to promote relationships with members of other religious faiths;


In carrying out its responsibilities, the Committee shall

(a) (i) represent the Synod in relationships with other religious faiths;

(ii) nominate a representative to the Assembly Working Group on Relationships with Other Faiths.

(b) be a catalyst for the Biblical, theological and practical consideration of inter-faith matters within the Synod, its Presbyteries and Congregations;


(i)  seek to establish and encourage inter-faith relationships with inter-faith committees of other denominations in Queensland and encourage the councils of the church to do likewise;

(ii)  encourage exploration of opportunities for sharing with people or groups of other religious faiths.



  1. The membership of the Committee shall comprise
  2. (i) The Moderator

(ii) up to ten members to be appointed by each Synod after receiving nominations from the Committee

(b) The Moderator or the Moderator’s nominee shall be the Chairperson.

(c) The Committee shall elect a Secretary from among its members.

(d) The Committee may invite observers or consultants to participate in its meetings as desired.