“Christian Witness in a Multireligious World”

This document is highly recommended for study by all Christian groups.  It is the result of a combined effort by the World Council of Churches and the Vatican in association with the World Evangelical Alliance. Most aspects of Christian behaviour and Christian reponsibility towards those of other faiths are examined and discussed from a solid biblical/theological perspective.

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 Uniting Church Documents

Friendship in the Presence of Difference 2012

Living with the neighbour who is different: Christian Faith in a Multi-religious World, Keith Rowe, Uniting Press, 2000

Living with the neighbour who is different  (summary)  Uniting Church in Australia 2000

Living with a Neighbour who is different study guides







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Primary sacred times for world religions

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 Christians, Muslims, and the Common Good: Loving Your Neighbor in the 21st Century  Sojourners

Trinity Theological College from time to time offers short courses in the theology of religious pluralism. The work of Dr Aaron Ghiloni is of importance in this area. His field-based research (co-authored with Sylvie Shaw) on the response of a wide range of faiths to the 2011 Brisbane floods is forthcoming in the Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature, and Culture. 


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